Celeste Fondaco


Celeste Fondaco is a 3rd generation Township resident, who's family settled in Chatham in 1865. Celeste's professional experience ranges from a Data Analyst at a publishing house to Tax preparation at a Fortune 500 firm.


Celeste has an extensive background working and volunteering in the Chatham Community. She was one of the first members of the Open Space Committee and a past member of the Tree Committee. Celeste was past volunteer and currently serves as an Auxiliary member of the Emergency Squad. Celeste's passion for the Arts drew her to serve as a President of the Art League of the Chathams and she is the current President of the Drew Art Association.


In her free time, Celeste is an avid runner who has 70 marathons, ultra marathons, and 35+ triathlons under her belt!


Celeste Fondaco is a candidate that is PRO Open Space, a Leader and an example of a true Volunteer.



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