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Jennifer Rowland

Chatham Township


I want to bring my experience in finance and leadership roles to the Township Committee, helping to safeguard our tax dollars as we navigate the future, and I look forward to meeting many more of my incredible neighbors along the way

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For 24 years, I’ve called Chatham Township my home.  My wife Karen and I moved here before we had kids, because it was a great place to raise a family within a commutable distance to NYC.

As our family grew, I gained a new perspective about becoming entrenched in the Chatham community.  My time on the Emergency Squad is a testament to that;  answering the call to help and making a difference in people’s lives was the primary motivation for joining….but doing so has been the most rewarding experience of my life (go ahead, ask me about becoming a member).  

I’ve also been instrumental in helping to elevate the Squad’s profile through public relations and building a website that promotes recruitment, retention and donations to our worthy organization.

I’m running for Chatham Township Committee for a variety of reasons, but I hope that my skills and expertise in marketing and communications will prove a valuable resource in bringing Chatham residents closer together and feeling more informed and empowered and involved with their local government.   

 My hope is to make a lasting, positive impact on a town that has given me so much, while being fair, impartial and always putting the needs of Chatham’s residents ahead of any objective or agenda item.

In the months ahead, I hope to gain your trust and ultimately your vote this November and to meet as many of you as possible.  I invite you to reach out to me to hear what’s on your mind…and how I can help keep Chatham the best place in New Jersey to live, work and play.

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