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Upcoming Events

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Join as we warmly welcome LD21 Candidates: Marino, Graner, & Weber. Candidates will share their motivations for running and their vision for District 21. Hosted by Justin Strickland, Borough Candidate.

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Join us and other local Democrats as we reach out to voters in our area to help get out the vote. Never canvassed before? We provide training and a partner!


After months of engaging with the community, we're gearing up for one final push towards our goal. It would be our pleasure if you could join us for an incredible evening alongside Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill.

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Do you enjoy starting your morning with a run? Candidate Strickland would like to invite you to ‘Running with Justin.’ Meet up with fellow joggers for an easy jog outside of Borough Hall at 54 Fairmount Ave at 7am. It’s a fun way to share your ideas for Chatham.


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